Cord Cutting Kit

Cord Cutting Kit

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The practice of cord cutting is a ritualistic way of letting go of negative attachments, relationships, or emotional ties that no longer serve you. Black salt and red brick dust are commonly used in such rituals to add an element of protection and purification.

Red brick dust: Red brick dust is associated with grounding and protection. Use the red brick dust to create a circle around the figurine that represents yourself. Imagine this circle as a protective barrier that will contain the energy and intentions within it.

Black salt: Black salt absorbs the negative energy. Sprinkle around the figurine that represents the other person, creating a boundary of purification, banishing and protection against them and their energy.

Cutting the Cord: Take a moment to hold your hands over your heart or any area where you feel the energetic connection. Feel the weight and impact of the cords. Then, take a pair of scissors or lighter, and with focused intention, visualize severing the cords. As you do this, you can say a statement of release, such as "I cut the cords that bind me, releasing all that no longer serves my highest good."

This is just a suggestion, be free to make it your own. And remember intention is key.