Fertility Set

Fertility Set

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This Fertility set includes a Fertility tea blend that makes 28 cups of tea ( the average moon cycle) . Drink a cup after your cycle and the day before ovulation for best results . You can drink daily but getting the herbs into your system on the above stated days is very important to regulate your womb .

The Fertility Steam is enough for six at home steaming sessions . These fertility blends will strengthen womb for baby to have a safe healthy place to grow . Providing essential nutrients that may be lacking in the body. Cleansing of old tissue, residue & endometrial lining that prevents implantation. Regulating the menstrual & ovulation cycles - as well as missing and irregular cycles. Supports healthy uterus & blood circulation. Environmental & birth control detox
Release emotional trauma & activate forgiveness/acceptance.
For herbs to work appropriately your diet is very important. Included in this set is 100 Best Foods For Pregnancy book to serve as a valuable resource for you in preparation of your pregnancy and when you become pregnant. Set also comes with tea ball to steep your herbs.