Lotus Birthing Herbal Blend

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For the traditional wrapping of the Placenta After Birth. Lotus Birth is the act of leaving the placenta attached to the infant until the umbilical cord naturally dries and falls off (typically between 3-10 days). It is a spiritual tradition based on the belief that the baby and the placenta are one and even share a soul. It is believed that allowing the baby and placenta to separate naturally, versus cutting the cord, will preserve the connection between the two, allowing for a more gentle transition to the outside world. Because the placenta is still attached via the cord, moving and dressing the baby must be considered more carefully, which in turn helps new parents to consciously slow the pace from our modern culture, which often thrusts new parents and their fresh newborns outside of the home in those sacred first few days. Many times the placenta is placed into a bowl or basket and covered with salt and fragrant herbs which help with the drying process and the aroma. Lotus Birth is a beautiful tradition that supports rest and healing for both mom and baby postpartum. It is practiced globally and is rooted in history.
Divide 1/3 of the Blend onto each side of the placenta. You can always add more as time passes, or if you feel more is needed. No two placentas are alike, some are larger in size, and may require more covering. Special gift for baby .