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Connecting with Your Ancestors

Connecting with Your Ancestors

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Ancestral veneration holds a pivotal role in African and various traditional spiritual practices, deeply ingrained in indigenous beliefs as our ancestors form the essence of our DNA. Unfortunately, the significance of this practice has waned in certain cultures, influenced by non-traditional spiritual beliefs. Yet, hope remains. Even if you haven't grown up in a culture where ancestor veneration is commonplace, you can still seek the wisdom and guidance of your ancestors in times of need. Establishing a connection is as straightforward as extending a heartfelt invitation and opening your heart with gratitude and hopeful expectation.

This book outlines a range of techniques to restore lost ancestral connections, drawing from specific cultural traditions and universally applicable strategies. It delves into foundational tools for developing an ancestral veneration practice, highlighting its numerous benefits. Furthermore, the guide assists in setting up an ancestor altar, offering ancestral tributes, conducting elevation ceremonies, and employing various methods to honor departed loved ones. Additionally, it lays the groundwork for understanding and discerning spiritual communication, presented in an accessible format for long-term personal growth.

In its second edition, the book has been updated to incorporate practices from the Ifa tradition in Yorubaland, Nigeria, within the ancestor elevation section. Special considerations for venerating ancestors within a family, as a woman, or during travel have been added. The expanded section on divination tools now includes descriptions of easily usable self-divination tools. The cover of this edition pays homage to Haitian ancestor veneration, portraying a woman in a liminasyon ceremony, kneeling before her ancestor's offerings.
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