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Monthly Subscription Box

Monthly Subscription Box

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Introducing our Spiritual Subscription Box, a monthly journey to enhance your spiritual well-being and foster mindfulness. Each curated box is thoughtfully designed to elevate your spiritual practice, providing you with a harmonious blend of enlightening items.

1. **Book of the Month:**
Immerse yourself in the wisdom of renowned spiritual authors and thought leaders. Our carefully selected books cover a range of topics, from meditation and self-discovery to ancient philosophies, guiding you on a path of continuous learning and growth.

2. **Crystal of the Month:**
Embrace the power of crystals with a handpicked gemstone every month. These crystals are chosen for their unique properties and ability to enhance spiritual experiences. Whether it's amethyst for clarity or rose quartz for love, each crystal contributes to creating a positive and balanced environment.

3. **Scent of the Month:**
Elevate your senses with a specially curated scent designed to promote relaxation and mindfulness. From soothing aromatherapy oils to calming incense, each month brings a new fragrance to enhance your meditation and create a tranquil atmosphere in your sacred space.

4. **Product of the Month:**
Discover a carefully crafted spiritual product that complements your journey. It could be anything from meditation tools and ritual accessories to mindful living items. Each product is chosen to add a touch of spirituality to your daily life.

Unbox a world of spiritual exploration and self-discovery with our Spiritual Subscription Box. It's not just a collection of items; it's a monthly invitation to deepen your connection with yourself and the universe. Subscribe today and embark on a transformative journey of the mind, body, and soul.

Subscription boxes will be mailed by the 15th of each month. You will need to purchase monthly on the site by the last day of the previous month to receive your box the following. Orders placed after the last day will receive a box in two months. 

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