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Sacred Pampering Principles

Sacred Pampering Principles

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Originally released to widespread acclaim and demand, "Sacred Pampering Principles" is an exquisitely written guide featuring hundreds of simple and inventive ways for busy women to indulge their bodies and nourish their spirits.

Debrena Jackson Gandy, with her holistic approach to infusing life with comfort, balance, and peace, dispels the societal myth that self-care is decadent and selfish. On the contrary, she asserts that the joy derived from treating oneself, be it through a luxurious bath or a meditative hour alone, radiates to the people in our lives. As we emerge revitalized, those around us benefit from a patient mother, a fulfilled wife, an efficient coworker, and a steadfastly grounded friend.

While written with African-American women in mind, "Sacred Pampering Principles" is accessible to women of all races. It not only presents pampering ideas but also elucidates why, for less time and money than one might imagine, pampering is essential for a balanced life.
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