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Smudge Stick

Smudge Stick

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Smudging a way to clear spaces and people of negative energy. It is also commonly used in meditation or for protection. Science has shown that herbal smudging cleans the air of bacteria and contaminates.

To use an herbal smudge stick - light the end and let the flame go out. Use the remaining smoldering smoke to wash over your space including windows and doorways, any person you'd like cleansed including yourself, and the air. As you allow the smoke to wash what's desired, set your intention - it may be simply to cleanse the air or drive out negative energies. Do not blow on the smoke, but instead use your hand to wave the smoke in the direction you choose. Let the stick go out on it's own. Abalone shells are commonly used for this, or a glass bowl.
The sticks in the photos are fresh. Some color fading may occur naturally with drying. Allow smudge sticks to completely dry before use. .***HOMEGROWN. HOMEMADE. HOME SOURCED

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