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The Seven Daughters of Eve

The Seven Daughters of Eve

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Presenting one of the most captivating tales of genetic exploration since James Watson's "The Double Helix," Professor Bryan Sykes takes us on a journey with scientific and cultural implications that will resonate for years to come.

In 1994, Sykes, a leading expert in DNA and human evolution, was summoned to examine the frozen remains of a man entombed in glacial ice in northern Italy. The discovery of the Ice Man and the revelation of his age, estimated at over 5,000 years, captured the fascination of scientists and newspapers worldwide. However, what set Sykes's narrative apart was his successful identification of a genetic descendant of the Ice Man—a woman living in Great Britain today. How did Sykes manage to trace a living relative of a man who perished millennia ago?

In "The Seven Daughters of Eve," Sykes provides a firsthand account of his investigation into a remarkable gene that remains unchanged as it passes through the maternal line from generation to generation. After scrutinizing thousands of DNA sequences from across the globe, Sykes discovered that they grouped around a select few distinct clusters. Notably, among Europeans and North American Caucasians, there are merely seven such clusters.
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