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Witches Stepped in Gold

Witches Stepped in Gold

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In this fantasy debut infused with Jamaican inspiration, two adversary witches find themselves compelled into a lethal partnership to confront a shared foe, evoking the intricate cat-and-mouse dynamics of "Killing Eve" within the vividly crafted fantasy realms reminiscent of "Furyborn" and "Ember in the Ashes."

Separated by their allegiances. United by their quest for retribution.

Iraya, confined to a cell throughout her life, anticipates each day as a step closer to liberation and the pursuit of vengeance.

Jazmyne, the queen's daughter, rejects the fate of sacrificing herself, unlike her sister before her, to bolster her mother's authority.

As sworn enemies, these two witches reluctantly form a precarious alliance to combat a common menace. However, the allure of power, the brutality of revenge, and the unpredictable nature of their journey pose uncertainties—except for the extreme lengths they are willing to go to emerge victorious in this intricate game.
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